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Attachment Issues Sex Therapy NYC

At the Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma (SAT) Project in New York, it is the perspective that most difficulties in sexuality stem from early childhood experiences. Current research shows that in order for a child to develop in healthy ways, the child must develop strong attachment bonds to loving caregivers in its environment. The child needs the stability and empathy of a consistent, loving caretaker in order to form healthy attachment patterns that will enable the child to develop into a healthy adult, who is also capable of forming stable and healthy attachment bonds in adult relationships. Many difficulties that individuals experience in their relationships, whether it is sexual anxiety or out of control sexual behavior, or sexual addiction, are coping mechanisms designed to address the attachment difficulties they experienced in childhood. These mechanism then become entrenched adult patterns that are directed at regulating intimacy in close relationships. Much of these kinds of difficulties in intimacy can be traced to difficulties in the attachment patterns of the individual in early life and childhood.

Likewise, specific instances of early trauma can profoundly impact the course of an individual’s sexual development. These traumas, depending on their nature, severity, and age of onset, can create dysfunctional patterns of behavior, ranging from sexual dysfunction and anxiety, to sexual compulsivity and re-enacting, to disturbing sexual thoughts and obsessions. Sexuality often manifests as a symptom of an individual’s attachment rupture. Someone’s sexuality and their struggle in intimacy can be understood deeply by exploring the connection between their sexual symptoms and their attachment experience. The staff at the Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma Project understand these connections and how to help you make changes in your sexual symptoms as well as the underlying attachment and trauma related issues.

It is the goal of the SAT Project to provide an empathic, holistic, and individualized approach to their clients, helping them to understand the origin of their problems in the past and help them to overcome and heal these problems in the present. Located in the city of New York, one of the focuses of the SAT Project is sex therapy NYC. Through an individualized approach, SAT explores your past to understand your attachment history and how it relates to your current struggles. In helping you to understand that connection, the staff then helps you to move past these attachment traumas in order to restore an ability for intimacy and self-care. This treatment approach can help individuals to achieve a balance in their lives and enhance their ability for intimacy, creativity, and productivity. Treatment modalities offered at the SAT Project include individual, couples, and group treatment.